Site Security Services

The security of your site is paramount.

Firstly there are assets on site of high value that are targeted by criminals.  Secondly there is a risk to the construction site if is unauthorised entry to site either as a damage risk or a health and safety risk.

UIC can take care of your site security in all apsects.

Manned Guarding

Professional SIA qualified security guards keep a watchful eye over your site 24 hours a day, dependant on your needs.   

Using state of the art CCTV equipment and regular patrols of the site we are an ever present deterrent to unwanted visitors.


Our guards have the people-skills to ensure a polite greeting to anyone arriving at your site entrance whilst remaining in complete control to ensure only authorised personnel and visitors are permitted onto your site.   A full log of who has entered site is kept in full order.


We can provide security gatehouse facilities that include vehicle barriers, temporary cabins, and signage. We can also install CCTV monitoring equipment for your own use.